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Remix Album「mille​-​feuille logics~session​-​played by LM​-​Session~」

2009.8.14 Release

  1. i wish you were here 04:19
  2. diamond memories 04:32
  3. Do you know the Magic? 03:31
  4. Brussels waffle & Bitter chocolate 03:44
  5. mille-feuille logic 04:44
  6. Les beaux oiseaux 07:12
  7. イケナイコトカイ 08:53

DAM-Tの3rd EP「mille-feuille logics」を、
Jun-ichi Yamashiro氏が全曲再構築。


All Lyric&
Tracks Produced by DAM-T

except by
 session-arrangement:Jun-ichi Yamashiro

Cover Designed by DAM-T

mixed by
 Buzzo Roose at BR.Studio

Recorded at
 Riverk,Kozubeya,katsuko’s Onnnanoko-Rooms,BR.Studio

Jun-ichi Yamashiro appears courtesy of Ladymedia Records.INC